Airport security tool: X-ray luggage scanners

With the rapid development of international tourism and business travel, as an important transportation hub, the security of airports has also attracted much attention. In order to ensure the safety of passengers and the smooth progress of air transportation, airport security equipment has been widely used and continuously innovated. Among them, X-ray baggage scanner, as an important technology in airport security equipment, plays a vital role.

1. The principle of X-ray baggage scanner

1. Discovery and application of X-rays

X-rays are high-energy electromagnetic radiation with strong penetrating power. The discovery of X-rays can be traced back to 1895, when German physicist Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen accidentally discovered X-rays based on the study of light. Due to the ability of X-rays to penetrate matter, they were soon used in fields such as medicine, industry and security inspection.

2. How the X-ray baggage scanner works

The X-ray baggage scanner emits an X-ray beam to irradiate the object, and then uses a detector to receive the residual X-ray after passing through the object. The scanner generates an image of the object according to the received X-ray intensity and energy information, so as to realize the inspection of the object inside the luggage package. X-ray scanners can realize the identification and detection of various materials and objects by adjusting the energy and irradiation angle of rays, and using different types of detectors.

2. Application of X-ray baggage scanner

1. Security check

The airport is one of the places with the most stringent security checks in the world, and X-ray baggage scanners play an important role in the airport security check process. Luggage scanners can help security personnel to quickly and accurately check the objects inside the luggage package, so as to find hidden dangerous goods, prohibited goods and contraband. These items include, but are not limited to, explosives, guns, knives, flammable items, drugs, etc. By using X-ray baggage scanners, airport security personnel can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of security checks and ensure flight safety.

2. Border inspection

X-ray baggage scanners are not only used in airport security checks, but are also widely used in border checks. Upon arrival on an international flight, passengers and luggage are subject to rigorous screening to ensure border security. X-ray luggage scanners can quickly check the objects inside passengers’ luggage to find potential dangerous goods, contraband or smuggled items. By using X-ray luggage scanners, border inspection agencies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the border security situation, thereby strengthening the country’s border prevention and control capabilities.

3. The role of X-ray baggage scanners in airport security

1. Improve security inspection efficiency

The traditional manual security check method needs to manually check passengers’ luggage and packages one by one, which is time-consuming and laborious, and some dangerous items are easily overlooked. The X-ray luggage scanner can check the inside of the luggage package in a few seconds and quickly find potential dangerous goods. The use of X-ray baggage scanners can not only greatly improve the efficiency of security checks, but also reduce the risks caused by human negligence.

2. Improve the accuracy of security checks

X-ray luggage scanners can not only identify common dangerous and prohibited items, but also find special items hidden inside luggage packages. By analyzing X-ray images, security personnel can determine the shape, material and density of objects inside the luggage package, and further determine whether it constitutes a threat. This accuracy can greatly improve the reliability of the security screening process, ensuring the safety of passengers and airports.

3. Save space and cost

Compared with the traditional manual security inspection method, the X-ray baggage scanner occupies relatively small space and can be placed in a small security inspection area. At the same time, the use of X-ray baggage scanners can also reduce the number of airport security personnel, thereby saving costs. For airports, this not only helps improve operational efficiency, but also reduces the need for airport capital for the security screening process.

DUBALEI Conclusion

As an important part of modern airport security equipment, X-ray baggage scanners play an indispensable role. By emitting and receiving X-rays, it can quickly and accurately detect the objects inside the luggage package, thereby improving the efficiency and accuracy of security inspection. At the same time, X-ray luggage scanners can also play an important role in border inspections to ensure the security of national borders. With the continuous advancement of technology, X-ray baggage scanners will continue to innovate and develop to provide more reliable guarantees for airport security.

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