The popular Dubalei range of baggage scanners 5030A and 5030C

About Dubalei offers two products of baggage scanners: 5030A and 5030C. Both models feature an image processing system for higher definition images, providing best-in-class unauthorized user detection and a sleeker look. In addition, both feature an all-new drive and braking system.

Small Tunnel Size X-Ray Baggage Scanner DBL-5030C


It can work continuously and save 50,000 patterns.
The leakage radiation dose rate is low, and the radiation dose rate around the equipment is close to the natural background level; it complies with all international and domestic health and safety standards; the plug-in provides dangerous goods images (TIP), which is convenient for training and assessment of image recognition ability of operators; it adopts modular design, It also provides detection and diagnosis functions for key components such as X-ray sources, detector arrays, and special keyboards

X-ray machine and baggage scanner DBL-5030A


Full-screen imaging, super large image, clear layers. It can work continuously and save 10000 patterns.
Equipment X-ray leakage reaches green environmental protection level, no radiation
Working all day, continuous cooling, no need for standby
Energy saving: start running when there is luggage on the machine, and stop automatically when there is no running
The image can be enlarged by 32 times, and the magnification display is full of vitality
Real-time display of X-ray emission time

This X-ray machine is suitable for the most basic small luggage security inspection service. Mainly used in mailrooms, hotels, shopping malls, factories, government agencies, etc.

Commenting on the two products, our key account and marketing manager said: “We are very much looking forward to bringing these two products to market, both based on two very successful baggage scanner models, as our Scanner range.The 5030A and 5030C models were changed through customer consultation to meet market needs, and the use of common components made them both easy to install.

“Both models were recently on display at our security event stand and it was great to see how well received they were by everyone, both long-standing partners and new customers. They will also be on stand elsewhere this year display.”

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