X Ray Machine and Baggage & Luggage Scanner JKDC-5030A

JKDC-5030A with X-ray scanner detecting. More strong penetration.Which show object interior metal structure by LCD screen.Especially designed for tourist spot,gymnasium, conference centre,exhibition,baggage deposit,shopping mall,hotel and other important locations.

  1. Full screen imaging, super large image, clear layer.Can work continuously to save 10,000 patterns.
  2. The equipment X-ray leakage reaches green environmental protection level, no radiation
  3. All-day working state, continuous cooling without standby
  4. Energy saving: start running when there is luggage on the machine, and stop automatically when there is no running
  5. The image can be enlarged by 32 times, and the magnification can be displayed energeticly
  6. Real-time display of the amount of X-ray emission time

Scope of Application

This X-ray machine is suitable for the most basic security inspection service for small size baggage inspection. Mainly for mail rooms, hotels, shopping mall, factories, governmet organization etc.

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