The development and market prospect of security inspection equipment

Security inspection equipment is an important means of maintaining public safety. With the advancement of science and technology and the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, security inspection equipment has been widely used and valued worldwide.

1. Development history

The development of security inspection equipment can be traced back to the end of the 19th century, when it was mainly used for security inspection of mail. With the development of the aviation industry, after the 1970s, security inspection equipment began to be used in airports, mainly through metal detectors for passengers. However, this type of security inspection equipment can only detect metal substances, and cannot detect non-metallic dangerous goods such as plastics, liquids, and chemicals.

With the increase of terrorist activities, the technology of security inspection equipment has been further improved. The heightened bomb threat requires security screening equipment capable of detecting explosives. Therefore, today’s security inspection equipment can not only detect metal substances, but also detect non-metallic dangerous goods, such as explosives, controlled knives, liquid explosives, etc.

2. Technology trends

With the continuous development of science and technology, the technology of security inspection equipment is also constantly improving. At present, the main security inspection equipment includes metal detectors, X-ray machines, liquid detectors, explosive detectors, etc. Among them, X-ray machine is one of the most commonly used security equipment.

The X-ray machine scans the inspected object by using X-rays, and analyzes the image through computer image processing technology, so as to detect the dangerous goods hidden in the inspected object. The X-ray machine has the characteristics of high sensitivity and high resolution, and can detect non-metallic dangerous goods, such as plastic explosives, liquid explosives, etc.

In addition, new technologies such as body scanners and remote detectors have also begun to be applied in the field of security inspection. Body scanners can scan passengers’ bodies to detect potentially dangerous items hidden in clothing or in the body. Remote detectors can remotely detect dangerous goods hidden in hidden locations through technologies such as radio waves.

3. Market prospect

The market demand for security inspection equipment is growing worldwide. According to data from market research institutions, the global security inspection equipment market has grown from about US$8 billion in 2016 to about US$18 billion in 2025. This is mainly due to the improvement of security awareness and the increase of terrorist activities.

Especially in some high-risk areas, such as airports, railway stations, subway stations, stadiums, etc., there is a greater demand for security inspection equipment. With the development of tourism and the growth of population, these places have higher and higher requirements for security, which provides a huge development space for the market of security inspection equipment.

In addition, with the advancement and innovation of science and technology, the functions of security inspection equipment will continue to improve. Future security inspection equipment may incorporate artificial intelligence and other technologies to make security inspection more intelligent and automated. At the same time, with the rapid development of drones, the demand for drone security inspection equipment will also increase significantly.

In short, as an important means of maintaining public safety, security inspection equipment has broad development prospects in terms of technology and market. With the innovation of science and technology and the continuous growth of demand, the security inspection equipment market will continue to expand and show a more diversified and intelligent development trend.

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